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TrueVizor Associates is a one stop legal, financial advisory and an expert taxation firm founded in July 2020, in Lucknow, U.P

Our View

We believe that it all starts with having a clear vision of your unique goals and a comprehensive solution to all your legal financial troubles

With this clarity, we combine objective advice and experience-led execution to bring the collective vision to life.

Our Aim

Our utmost aim is to offer true peace of mind to our every client with deeply rooted confidence that comes from the feeling in control and knowing your financial plan which is built on the substratum of increasing self-knowledge and awareness. 

It is this critical juncture- the intersection of proactive planning and peace of mind-that we believe our clients have a higher potential to realize there goals.


We as professionals at TrueVizor Associates very well understand that any good partnership starts with understanding the wants and the needs  of the clients. 

Understanding Your needs

We dive in and explore the goals, understand your voice and tone, and gather the details to create a tailor made solution which is best suitable for the solution of your issue be it any sort of legal or financial.

Onboarding Your Team

We dedicatedly put together a team of industry leading experienced financial and legal experts that will help accomplish the peace of mind while taking work and the hassles off your plate. 

We make you understand the issue

We have always believed in the process of smooth, trustworthy and a hindrance free way of communication. Following the pathway of similar ideology we work on a philosophy of TTT (Trustworthiness, Transparency & Technology) with and for our clients. 

Any actions taken by us or planned by us on behalf of our clients are well informed to and discussed with them for there mental satisfaction and a hassle free solution to there legal and financial issues.  

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With a legal career spanning over five years, Advocate Mrs. Madhulika Bhatnagar stands as a beacon of excellence in the realm of litigation. Her unwavering commitment to justice, coupled with her profound expertise and in-depth knowledge, sets her apart as a distinguished legal practitioner.

 In navigating the intricate landscape of property disputes and RERA matters, Mrs. Bhatnagar exhibits a problem-solving attitude that is second to none. Her astute legal acumen and sharp analytical skills enable her to unravel complexities and chart a course toward favorable resolutions for her clients.

 Beyond her professional accomplishments, Mrs. Bhatnagar embodies the true spirit of social service, exemplified by her empanelment with the North-East Delhi District Legal Aid Service. Through her selfless dedication to providing legal assistance to those in need, she extends a helping hand to the marginalized and underserved, advocating for justice and equality in every case she undertakes.

 Furthermore, Mrs. Bhatnagar's pursuit of excellence extends beyond borders, as she proudly holds the title of a qualified International Mediator. Her proficiency in alternative dispute resolution mechanisms underscores her commitment to fostering amicable resolutions and promoting harmony on a global scale.

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